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Hello again!  I believe we’ve met…


Yes, you are the one who is always helping others, right?  You are the shoulder to cry on, the ear that listens.  In fact, you have made many choices in your life (relationships, career) that put you in the role of nurturer, helper, and giver.


Because you really rock at it!

(I know, you are also pretty modest – so it’s ok if that line makes you blush:) )


And you tend to attract those who really need your help.


However, by the end of a busy day of reaching out, you are often left feeling… just done.

Out of gas.

Nothing left for you.



So you end up making choices that are NOT in your best interest (food, activity, self care).


Your energy plummets.  You don’t feel great.  Your own health and well-being has been sacrificed.  


And as you look around at all the shiny, happy people that you help, you wonder

“Who’s gonna help me?”


Well, my friend, that is why I am here!


I am the Health Coach to the Helpers.  Yes, the teachers, nurses, therapists, moms, caregivers and sympathetic listeners.


Through my blog you will find some free stuff, recipes, and tips for your most vibrant health (and weight) as well as self-care.


And I also have the occasional program, retreat, ebook, and opening for coaching.  Check them out here.


I am passionate about bringing health and nutritional balance to schools, sports teams, and parent communities, as well!  If you are interested in bringing me in to your community, please contact me here.


In fact, I am so passionate about sharing the good word, that I am now the host of a television program, called Intuition Nutrition, on PPMTV, Comcast Cable Channel 98 in Portsmouth!  You can also catch it here.


Thank you for visiting!


And in the spirit of HELPING, I have created a recipe ebook to raise funds for a friend during her breast cancer treatment.  50% of all proceeds go to Stacy Lynn and her family.  Check it out here!  (It also has 75 delicious juice and smoothie recipes – so, bonus!  You help YOU while helping HER)


Take care of you!









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