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The Intuition Nutrition Telesummit:

19 days of Love, Inspiration, Intuition and Nutrition

 Holistic Health CAN change your life!

Interviews, advice, and free resources from an international cast of leading Health and Self-care Experts

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 Mon 2/9 – Fri 2/27

What do all of the women you see here have in common?  We are all entrepreneurs dedicated to helping women like you.  We all want YOU to thrive and feel amazing!

From skin care to Pilates, self care to stress reduction, there are 19 women here who have what it takes to help you make a HUGE SHIFT in your life.

This group of women joins us from all over the world (Including India, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Alaska, and all over the Continental USA).  They are published authors, speakers, healers, practitioners, coaches, teachers, and sought-after leaders in their fields.

When you sign up for this free Telesummit, you will get daily inbox love *in the form of short, enlightening videos + an array of free resources* for 19 days.  Nobody is pitching for you to buy anything, this is just us wanting to reach out and help you.

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Meet the speakers:

(What an amazing lineup!)

1013070_151435131710591_519870645_nTonia Shump is a transformational business and life coach. Hey, if a single mama of 3 boys/young men can build a business from scratch to six figures, you can, too!  You can either devote your time building someone else’s dream or your own.   Tonia loves the financial freedom of being an entrepreneur, plus time with her family. If you are ready for the entrepreneurial adventure-she would love to help you achieve your financial and business goals!



Elena Lipson is a Divine Brand and Self-Care Mentor who guides conscious entrepreneurs to create their dream business and life by taking care of their most important asset: Themselves!  Through Divine Self-Care Rituals, tapping into their soul-signature brand style and creating an authentic communication strategy, Elena’s passion is to inspire entrepreneurs to embody their authentic vision so they can create consistent income, bliss & inspiration in life, business and the bedroom.

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Marina Sky is a Nutrition Coach and a Licensed Esthetician, who helps people to heal their skin from the inside and the outside.  She suffered from cystic acne before healing her own skin naturally.  She offers her clients the best, personalized programs to get their bodies in balance, and allow their skin to reflect their vibrant health.


about-laura-licata1-1024x682Laura Licata is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who will support you in overcoming your health challenges, finding the perfect nutrition lifestyle for your unique body, and using your own intuition to remain healthy for the rest of your life.  She uses nutrition, supplementation, and tuned intuition to communicate what is happening in your body, and what may need to change. She crafts unique and realistic nutrition and lifestyle plans that are designed for you as an individual – based on your goals and desires and aimed at achieving the results you want to see in your health and life.



Jennifer Fugo is the founder of Gluten Free School and teaches gluten-sensitive individuals simple, savvy and empowering steps to get healthy. Living gluten-free since early 2008 after a gluten sensitivity diagnosis, she knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the cost and seemingly complicated aspects of going gluten-free. A sought-after expert, advocate & speaker about healthy, gluten-free living, Jennifer has been featured on Dr. Oz, Yahoo! News, eHow, CNN, and Philadelphia Magazine and was the host of the Women’s Gluten-Free Health Summit. She is also the best-selling author behind the ground-breaking book “The Savvy Gluten-Free Shopper: How to Eat Healthy without Breaking the Bank”.



Kristen Iuppenlatz is a Pilates teacher who helps people pull the work in the studio into daily activities for a better moving body.  She emphasizes awareness and alignment so that her students know their patterns and can balance, mobilize, stabilize and strengthen themselves in a fun and easy way.




Rebecca Weller is a Holistic Health, Lifestyle and Biz Coach.  Named ‘one of Perth’s leading Healthpreneurs’ by The Sunday Times Magazine, Rebecca has coached more than 200 women to get their sparkle back and create a life they love.  Creator of and, she provides one-on-one and group coaching programs, is a regular contributor to MindBodyGreen and One Green Planet, and is the author of ‘The Sparkle Experiment’, ‘Eating for Energy’, ‘Dessert SuperSmoothies’ and ‘How to Create a Biz You Love‘.



Nicole Liloia, LCSW is a (former) stress addict, therapist, and coach who helps busy, successful women slow down and cut out the overwhelm from their lives through mindfulness, self-care, and support. She is also the creator of the #InstahappyProject which helps people have more happy moments in their lives.




Sheila Walsh Dunton is a nutritional therapy practitioner (NTP) specializing in digestive issues. Her main tool for healing is food is medicine, and she is also a  Certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome)  Practitioner.





Lisa Clegg is an Ayurvedic specialist, who loves to help guide people to their best health through this ancient Indian practice.  She is currently studying Ayurveda in India.  She has a new website coming soon, but for more information about Ayurveda, feel free to email Lisa at




Asja Svilans is a wholefood nutritionist and mentor to the people determined to take responsibility for their health and who are sick of ‘starting again on Monday’.  She graduated with a BHSc Nutrition and Health Promotion in 2008, and headed to cooking school with the lovely Jude Blereau in 2010.  She is loving the information presented through her latest learnings at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and is passionate about finding an intimate and boutique way to bring her real life workshops online!


Portrait9Nelda Mcewen is a Medical Intuitive who has an extensive background in: Specialized Kinesiology, Nutritional Therapies, Homeopathic and Herbal Drainage, Flower Essence Therapy, Brain Integration and Neuro-meridian Circuitry.  Her professional research has been acknowledged and published in the Professional Kinesiology Practitioners Manual. The PKP program is recognized through the International Kinesiology College of Zurich Switzerland.



A modern day Dear Abby, Miles Carroll gives clients straightforward, compassionate guidance. Her Master’s in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute offers a unique perspective incorporating metaphysics and teachings from scholars and psychotherapists like Jung, Woodman, Campbell and others. She uses practical methods and processes to help her clients leverage the power of their subconscious minds, so they can succeed– on their terms.

Lily Nichols is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified LEAP Therapist and Certified Pilates Instructor whose approach to nutrition embraces real food, integrative medicine, and mindful eating. She has become one of the country’s most sought after ‘real food for pregnancy’ experts. Lily has worked at the public policy level with the California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program: Sweet Success, to update the nutritional and exercise guidelines for care as it relates to gestational diabetes, worked clinically with hundreds of women with gestational diabetes, and has helped train thousands of medical professionals on the subject of diabetes during pregnancy. Lily is also a regular speaker on a wide range of topics relating to prenatal nutrition and exercise.


gb14_amout_me_inline-427x570Hanna Boëthius is the founder of Grainbrain, a nutrition practice specialised on helping people with diabetes to be healthier and more confident, by pinpointing a few lifestyle changes. Having grown up with Diabetes Type I, she knows what it means to take your health into your own hands. Hanna is a passionate foodie and believes that self-care can be fun and easy. She is in love with the moment when her clients realise that they can create the health and life that they want for themselves.  (See the sneak peek of Hanna’s video here!)



Shirley Plant,  Nutritionist, Dietary Consultant and Cookbook Author of Finally… Food I Can Eat—an inspirational dietary guide and cookbook for people affected by food allergies and intolerances. She is recognized as a menu-planning expert through her company Delicious Alternatives and has also written articles for Eco- Sense, the Celiac News, Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Life blog, MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal and Total Fit Magazine. Shirley has given seminars on food allergies, cooking and menu planning at Health Clinics and Natural Health Food Stores. She offers online seminars such as her 21 Day Challenge where she helps people to remove gluten, dairy and sugar from their diets, the healthy way.  (See the sneak peek of Shirley’s video here!)


©2012-Tanya_Malott_0118Kristin Misik, inner confidence coach, acupuncturist and creator of The Confidence Cultivator Experience helps women take action, bust fears and believe in themselves.  Through the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, the 5 Elements become the tool for empowering the modern woman for success in her body + business.  Kristin has been a featured speaker at UN Women, Viacom and is a regular contributor for the Huffington Post.


Professional Bio and FB Image Krystal Sayer is passionate about helping women improve their health, transform their body, and overcome their body image issues by teaching them to nourish themselves.  Her qualifications include Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, Flower Essence Healing, Personal Training, Sports Coaching, Intrafocal Healing, and Beauty Therapy.


Jen 19 rs

Jennifer Hill: The proud host of these eye-opening and inspiring interviews!  Jen is also the producer and host of the Portsmouth Public Media TV show, “Intuition Nutrition.”  She is a Holistic Health Coach, specializing in helping people make the connections that they need to live-to-love-to-eat-to-live.

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A: You do a happy dance and get psyched for the first day (2/9)!  But seriously, all this does is add you to the growing list of people, like you, who are hungry to learn more about Holistic Health and Wellness, and how to integrate it into their lives.


Q: What if I change my mind during the Telesummit, and no longer want to be involved?

A: You can unsubscribe at any time.


Q:  Do we get anything other than videos?

A: Yes!  You will get free resources (e-books, worksheets) in the way of PDF files from some of the speakers, as well as a ton of links to see and get even more.  PLUS you will be entered to win some free prizes – because we love giveaways!  :)


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A: YES!  100% free.  We aren’t here to pitch to you, but we are psyched to share some invaluable knowledge and tips with you!


Q:  What if we fall behind in watching the videos?

A: Not to worry!  They will always be available for you.  Just save the emails and links!


Q: How long is this Telesummit?

A: It runs from Mon. Feb 9 – Fri. Feb 27th, 2015.  So 19 days total.


Q:  I’m a super busy person!  How much time will this take out of my day?

A: Each video is only approximately 10 minutes long.  So perfect for a short break at work, or unwinding at home with a cup of tea.


Q: What if I have more questions that you haven’t answered here?

A: Just send me an email at, and I will happily respond within 12 hours (or less!).


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